Pond Design




Pond Design Service


Whether you’re interested in installing your outdoor pond yourself or having YGP Pond Services complete your entire custom pond project, we offer premium pond design services in the UK. Each project is designed to your exact specifications and optimum pond depth, allowing for the proper landscaping and other optional environmental elements.

We work with you to design the outdoor pond of your dreams for your front yard or backyard. We recommend the right equipment, such as filters and pumps based on the size of your pond and the elements you’d like to incorporate like aquatic plants or Koi fish.



Here at YGP Pond Services we are experts in pond building, construction and maintenance. If you’re interested in any of our pond services, please contact with our team on 01476 210 710, by emailing info@ygpservices.com or via our online contact form. We are happy to come and see you anywhere in the UK, including Oxford and Cambridge.