Pond Design and Building

Pond Design & Building


At YGP Pond Services, we are pond specialists with many years of experience in designing and building ponds of every type and size for customers in the UK, including Oxford & Cambridge. If you’re thinking of putting a pond in your garden, contact us today and see how we can turn your pond dreams into a reality.

Pond Design

large garden with pond

No matter whether you’re interested in installing an outdoor pond yourself, or would like the entire custom pond project completed by YGP Pond Services, we offer an outstanding pond design service to our customers in the UK, including Oxford and Cambridge. 

Each project is designed to an individual’s exact specifications, taking into account the optimum pond depth, which allows for proper landscaping and other optional environmental elements.

We want to work with you to design the outdoor pond of your dreams for your front yard or backyard. We specialise in designing ponds for both a front or back garden, depending on your requirements. As part of this pond design process and depending on the size of your pond, we recommend also installing the right equipment such as filters and pumps. We also take into account any other elements you’d like to incorporate in your pond such as aquatic plants or Koi fish.

Whether you’re interested in installing your outdoor pond yourself or having YGP Pond Services complete your entire custom pond project, we offer premium pond design services in the UK. Each project is designed to your exact specifications and optimum pond depth, allowing for the proper landscaping and other optional environmental elements.

We recommend the right pond equipment such as filters and pumps based on the size of your pond.


Pond Build Process 



Full Consultation Service

After expressing an interest in our services, we will arrange to visit you and then conduct a full initial consultation service. During this time, we will discuss your ideas and proposals, offering any advice for design options and suitability. Some of the key things we like to find out before progressing with the build are: what type of pond you would like, and where it would be situated. We make sure that the location of a pond takes into account the size and style of your garden, ground conditions, cost implications and any other practical considerations.


Estimated Quote

After our initial consultation, we will then provide you with an estimated quote for the proposed project. Alongside this quotation, we are also able to provide a hand-drawn pond design. However, many of our customers are happy discussing the ideas and opt for looking through material samples.


Pond Building Can Begin

When it comes to building a pond, we are experts. We understand that there are a number of potential problems that could arise if a job isn’t done properly. Not only does this cause hassle for you, but it also means you could incur unnecessary costs too. That’s where our pond building service can make a real difference. We build ponds properly.

We are pond specialists who take care of the whole project, from thorough planning in the initial stages, to sourcing the right equipment and materials. YGP Pond Services construct ponds that are built to last.

The majority of the building work will be carried out by our team here at YGP Pond Services. But, where necessary, we sometimes call upon our trusted subcontractors, including electricians and tree surgeons.


Choosing Plants & Fish

At YGP Pond Services helping and advising our customers on aquatic and plant life to place in their pond is one of our favourite parts in the pond designing and building process. We can help you choose plants, and offer advice on any fish you would like to house in your pond. We have extensive knowledge in fish care and would be happy to offer any help and insight you require.

We always aim to leave a site as we found it. We find there is nothing worse than clearing up after other people’s mess. Which is why, at YGP Pond Services, we adopt a very friendly and considerate work ethic with minimal disruption to our clients and their garden.


Contact our team today and book in your initial pond consultation!



Why not take a look at some of our previous work:

The Huntercombe Centre Redbourne, North Lincolnshire.

Wildlife pond building, fence building & natural filter system.

Peterborough Cambridgeshire ,Pond renovation ,new filter fitted.

Peterborough Cambridgeshire,Koi pond renovation .

Leadenham, Lincoln


Modern Koi pond building.

Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, full pond renovation.

Lincoln, Lincolnshire.

Pond renovation, new filter system, and a new waterfall and butyl liner fitted.

North Hykeham, Lincoln.

Large pond building, new filter system, and new waterfall build. A crystal clear pond.

Spalding, Lincolnshire.

Koi pond building with 1mm firestone liner fitted, a new pump and filter system fitted.

Gosberton, Spalding.

Wildlife pond refurbishment with 1mm rubber liner fitted.


Brant Broughton, Lincoln.

Koi pond building with new filter system fitted.


Sleaford, Leasingham.

Wildlife fish pond build with Oase skimmer fitted, and crystal clear water warranted.


Foston, Grantham.

Koi pond building.


Ruddington, Nottingham.

Koi pond building with skimmer and bottom drain.



Pond refurbishment with new filter system, and a new skimmer. With this system, you can expect crystal clear pond.

Hambleton, Oakham.



Cambridge, Cambridgeshire.

Large pond refurbishment & new filter system fitted.


Grantham Lincolnshire ,Raised sleeper koi pond



Boston, Lincolnshire.

Large Koi pond building with a water volume of around 120,000 – 150,000 litres.



Large garden pond refurbishment with new butyl liner fitted, a new waterfall and a natural filter system. Crystal clear water warranted.


Derby, Derbyshire.

Large Koi pond building, fitted with Oase biotec premium 80000.

Boston, Lincolnshire.

Large pond relining, new filter system drum filter, new plant filter system, and new waterfall build. Crystal clear water warranted.

Lincoln, Lincolnshire.

Small square brick pond build with Oase filtral fitted.

Gosberton, Spalding.

Pond refurbishment with new filter system, and rubber liner.

Barnack, Stamford.


Hambleton, Oakham.


Peterborough, Norman Cross.


Stamford, Lincolnshire.



Market Overton.

Pond stream renovation with liner replaced, lights fitted, filter fitted, fountain fitted, and a control remote junction box fitted.


Peterborough, Cambridgeshire.

Renovation and new filter system build with light fitted and skimmer fitted. With this filter system, you can expect crystal clean pond.


Leicester, Leicestershire.

Koi pond with viewing window build and sieve filter system.


Polebrook, Oundle.

Pond renovation.



Lincoln, Lincolnshire.




Jesse Gray Primary School. Nottingham, West Bridgford.


Nottingham, Bramcote.



Kettering, Northamptonshire.

Wildlife pond build with natural gravel system.



Peterborough, Cambridgeshire.




Nottingham, Nuthall.

Unfortunately there are no pictures of the pond before.



Koi pond building.




Here at YGP Pond Services we are experts in pond design and building.

If you’re interested in any of our pond services, please contact with our team on 01476 210 710 or via our online contact form. We are happy to come and see you anywhere in the UK, including Oxford and Cambridge.