Water Quality Analysis

Pond Water Quality Testing & Analysis

Pond water quality is one of the most overlooked aspects of pond management. There are various variables that can influence the water quality for fish, including the water temperature, photosynthesis and pH, carbon dioxide, alkalinity and hardness. If you own a pond it is important to ensure its health, particularly if it contains fish. 

Testing your pond water periodically is a necessity for ensuring that it remains attractive and the fish and plants within it remain healthy. Poor water quality will cause stress among the fish living there, which will make them prone to disease. Testing the quality of your pond water is not something that can be done merely with your unaided human senses (visual clues won’t cut it) – specific tools and procedures are required for correct testing and analysis.


Why You Need Pond Water Testing Services:

Water can be deceptive in appearance. Many people make the mistake of thinking that just because the water is clear that means that it is clean and safe. This is not always the case. 

The reality is that the clearness of your pond water is no indication on whether or not it is safe, especially from the perspective of your fish! It is important to understand that fish are less resistant to environmental pollution than humans are. Pond fish can be adversely affected by even small changes to their environment.


What We Do for Pond Water Testing and Analysis

Here at YGP Pond Services we firmly believe in maintaining a healthy, clean pond; it’s great for the environment, pond aesthetic, and any aquatic life living there.


Our pond water quality testing and analysis include:

  • Checking and evaluating the pH levels
  • Assessing and evaluating the pond filtration system
  • Determining ammonia, nitrate and nitrite levels
  • Measuring the presence of calcium and magnesium
  • Using a dechlorinator for tap water
  • Monitoring the pond water’s salt levels… and more!


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