Water Quality Analysis

Testing your pond water periodically is a necessity for ensuring that it remains attractive and the fish and plants within it remain healthy. Poor water quality will cause stress among the fish which will make them prone to disease. Testing pond water is not something that can be done merely with your unaided senses; specific tools and procedures are required.

Why You Need Pond Water Testing Services

Water can be deceptive in appearance. Many people make the mistake of thinking that just because water is clear it is clean and safe. But the truth is that the clearness of your pond water is no indication of whether or not it is safe, especially from the perspective of your fish. It is important to understand that fish are less resistant to environmental pollution than are humans, and can be adversely affected by even small changes to their environment.

What We Do for Pond Water Testing and ANALYSIS

  • Check and evaluate pH levels
  • Assess and evaluate the filtration system
  • Determine ammonia, nitrate and nitrite levels
  • Measure the presence of calcium and magnesium
  • Use a dechlorinator for tap water
  • Monitor the pond water’s salt levels
  • … and more!