Pond pump and filter system services

There are dozens of pond & water garden filters manufactures that sell multiple types of filters. They are all designed to help keep your pond or water garden healthy and clear, and they will all work as they are designed with different variations of daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly maintenance.

As you probably guessed…  the costs associated with these different filtration systems is one of the primary concerns when you are looking for a new filter. Many of these systems are pieced together with random-mix-matched parts and, different manufactures products, and add-on accessories to help achieve those optimal water quality results desired.  Sooner or later, it will need repairs or service, hopefully the person who put it in, is around to fix it! Put them on speed dial!

We usually will service all types of pond or water garden filters, and will all tell you one of their biggest occurrences is from someone that bought a new home and inherited someone else’s pond maintenance headaches.