Natural swimming ponds installation

Our construction team always consists of at least 2-4 core employees who will have built dozens of similar swimming ponds.  They will work on every aspect of the construction to ensure the end result is achieved as planned.

For “part-build” projects, i.e. if you or local contractors are carrying out some of the construction work, we have a detailed work plan which we suggest the local team follows closely. We also want to be kept informed with regular photos of the site to ensure that everything is progressing as planned, and we can regularly visit the site as required.

We own and operate our equipment and have the experience to know which tool is right for the job.  We’ve acquired equipment that allows us to build more efficiently and when necessary, developed our own.  No pond, water feature, bio-pool, fountain or filtration system is too big or too small for us to handle.



  • Swimming ponds are 50% planted and 50% swimming area
  • They don’t require covering and will hover around 19-25 degrees during the summer
  • Your pond will serve as an important habitat for an array of wildlife
  • Swimming pond are cheaper than pools over time due to the vastly lower maintenance costs


  • Swimming ponds are very low maintenance as they don’t need any chemical dosing or filtration systems
  • Your swimming pool will also use less water as they don’t need constant emptying and filling.


Swimming ponds do not use active technical filtration. Plants do all the work. A pond consists of 2 balanced sections: half plants and half swimming area. The plants, work to stop algae growth by removing phosphorus and nitrogen before it can multiply, leaving you with a clean and clear swimming pond.

A stunning garden feature, swimming ponds change constantly with the seasons providing year-round beauty and maturing over time.