Full Pond Renovation

Full Pond Renovation Services


Even the best-built ponds can eventually have problems.

Given enough time, ground settling, and erosion can cause leaks in any pond. The first step in pond repair is determining where the leak actually is. Once the location has been determined, a method of repair can be decided upon.

Don’t hesitate to call an expert. Take great care when attempting to seal or repair old, damaged liners and plumbing. Many of the chemicals are toxic to fish and humans before curing and drying and must be handled correctly. You may save yourself money and time by calling an expert first.


Types of pond repairs we perform:

  • Add new waterfalls to existing ponds.
  • Rebuild poorly constructed and leaky waterfalls.
  • Upgrade and install pumps and filter systems.
  • Waterproof leaky concrete ponds.
  • Patch ponds with leaky rubber liner.
  • Re-do poorly constructed stonework.
  • Enlarge existing ponds to create healthier environments for fish and plants.
  • Replace cracked preformed plastic ponds with rubber liner.



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