Advanced Koi Care

The difference between building a koi pond and a pond where fish will not be incorporated into the landscape is in the depth of the pond and equipment used during installation. A koi pond is built when the customer wants the koi fish to be the most important element within their pond environment.

A koi pond is somewhat different than a water garden because the koi will limit the amount of plant life available to be grown.  A koi pond should also be larger because koi get quite large despite the size of the pond.

To understand the basic requirements of a Koi pond, one need only bear in mind that the Koi grows to at least thirty inches as a mature fish. If the fish cannot grow this large in the pond they’re living in, this will cause stress and strain on the fish – both physically and mentally. Such strain will cause the fish to become vulnerable to environmental pathogens such as bacteria, and this susceptibility to infection will shorten the fishes’ lives.